You can't get good help these days

Was it because the kids talked him into watching a video till half past 9 when bedtime is 7.30?


Was it because they talked him into letting them have handfuls of lollies while watching videos?


Its because he stopped recording Desperate Housewives 10 minutes before it finished!!!!!!!


Monkey Boy lost a tooth at school today.

A little school friend ran up to me at pickup time – “He lost a tooth, he lost a tooth, there was blood and everything.”

“Hmm. OK. Um was it one of his bottom teeth or another one.”

“His bottom one.”

“That’s ok then, none of the others are loose.”

We’re still completely undecided as to whether Tooth Fairy Glenys is “his” tooth fairy, or if she is THE Tooth Fairy, and whether it will be Glenys or someone else that does the exchange this evening.

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