You did what?

One of those all over the place days.

Had to head off very quickly to visit friends who returned from OS then drive to the other side of the world for a housewarming.

As we’d all slept in, time was of the essence.

Which meant that the kids took every one of their toys into our bed and put them under the doona. This is forbidden and incurs the Wrath of Mummy (which is not good when she is tired and is in a hurry)

Commenced Operation Get Toys Out Of My ROOM! whilst I gathered and wrapped presents for the day.

Operation Get Toys Out etc went smoothly and relatively quickly. Maybe they now get the hint. Although won’t hold my breath.

Only a small play tent, containing a Godzilla, remained on the bed. The Godzilla was supposed to be getting dressed. The Wrath returned, and Godizilla got into action with returning the tent to its rightful place – his bed, where he has been sleeping in it for 3 weeks now.

(Makes nighttime reading to him a little difficult as its too small for him to fit into, let alone him and a parent, but anyhoo.)

Obviously, the best method of transporting it was over his head, where he bypassed his bedroom door and fell down the stairs.

Eventually piled all required bodies, presents and bags into car and head off to Destination One.

Given this was a drive of considerable length, the questions started. No new topics, we were still on “Why do we have arse cracks?”

Only this time, there were more questions, along the same lines. Like “Why do we have penis cracks?”

This led into a rather heated discussion as to whether they were “penis cracks” or “penis holes” – I think the four year old was correct.

Commenced drive to Destination Two, a longer drive,

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