You don't do EVERYTHING

“Mum,” says Monkey Boy, coming into my office.

“I just wiped the toilet clean,” he further informs me.

“Oh,” I ask, Guilt tripping throuh my head, wondering whether I’d left it so it got so bad my 10 year old had to attend to it before even he, a smelly boy, could utilise it.

“I had a stiffy, and when I went to wee, it went everywhere.”

Which is funny, whilst at the same time, information I don’t really need over my morning MUG of coffee.

“So I wiped it all up and cleaned it,” he tells me proudly. “So don’t tell me you’re the only one who cleans the toilet, ok?”

Right-o then.

Except … I do the school run, I return, I make another MUG, I do some work, I determined I needed a wee, BADLY, and race to their bathroom, put the seat down and … EUWWWWWWW!

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  1. So, yes he cleaned it….but only the bits HE could see. Boys don’t lift things up MC, you should know this by now 😉

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