You get what you need, WHEN you need it

The Universe shall provide when the time is right.

Or maybe not the Universe, but Mrs Woog and Vodka-O had their timing perfect!

Yes, after a week of the most revolting tantrums I have experienced, let alone witnessed, and my resolve slowing fading away, much like the colours in the cheap-o Target t-shirts on a hot Summer’s day, I endured the “oh, he loves swimming, he’s so great at it and a pleasure to have in my class” toddler choosing my day for swimming to prove he’s quite the opposite, dropped him at childcare and passed the post office box on the way home.

There I found my saviour. My as-promised bottle of Vodka-O I’d won over at Woogsworld. It looked much like this, only I swear it had a halo when I picked it up:

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