You learn something new ….

Mother’s Intuition is a wonderful thing.

Like when the phone rang at 10am, when I was supposed to be picking Godzilla up at 11am, and it was the friends mother.

I panicked. Is he ok? What’s happened? Is he just sad? Is he missing us?

Of course, I didn’t actually ask any of that – the thought running through my head had terrified me and rendered me speechless!

“He’s fine. Just wants to stay longer – can I drop him off at 4?”

Sure, who am I to argue?

“No probs. Monkey Boy is missing him. He has no one to punch in the head or steal trains from.”

She knew. Her Mother’s Intuition was good. She picked up my need to get some work done, and have a bit of a break. “Hey, bring him over too, I’ll bring them both back at 4.”

I ask again – who am I to argue?

Dropped him off, said “see you at 4” and raced home to get a bucketload of work done.

Amazing that you can do a job in 10 minutes when you’re on your own but it takes 4 and a half hours when the kids are at home. And that’s when they’re behaving!

You also learn, again, that when something looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

The call came at 1.

“Um. Monkey Boy had a bit of a fall and wants to come home. He’s fine. Just a little scrape, but wants you.”

Of course he does.

She dropped him off, very apologetic – at interrupting my time, at him being hurt in her care, and that she didn’t realise till she dropped him off taht it was, actually, more than a bang on the foot, but a series of grazes. I assurred her that all was fine, and that boys do stupid things and end up hurt.

Monkey Boy went from a bit sad to crying hysterically the moment the door closed behind her. Because the grazes on his foot, up one leg and both arms were really sore.

“What did you do?” I ask, trying to imagine how he got the top of his foot, one knee, an elbow and the back of one hand and his forearm.

(The mind boggles)

“I just hopped on the treadmill.”


“The girl was running on it and I thought I could go on too, without holding on.”

It’s really hard to make sympathetic noises and apply bandaids when you’re wetting your pants laughing.

“And could you?”

Fresh tears, “It ree-eall-y h-u-u-urts” and a very bright “Can I watch Harry Potter while Godzilla isn’t here?”

Carried it on for the rest of the night, expecially on Godzilla’s return home!

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