You make a .. good? point.

Watching Medical Emergency, not something we normally do, but a friend was on. Monkey Boy decided he wanted to stay up and watch, too.

As he was coming out every 2.7 minutes to remind us we said he could …. (“Ooh, Gordon Ramsay, he said ‘fuck'” – yes, hilarious, now get to bed or you won’t be allowed to stay up!) … we figured he was gonna come out more often if we said “no”, so he watched.

Quite reasonably for someone of his age … a morbid fascination with all things anatomical and medical, without the nightmares or fears. Just a Scientific Interest (which I completely relate to!)

He asked lots of questions as the show unravelled, particularly in relation to a young man jumping off a cliff and ending up with a broken back.

Ah, my favourite moments, where I get to indulge in a bit of good parenting and say something useful and informative.

“Why did he jump off a cliff?”

“Dunno,” all serious and lecturing, “but it was a silly thing to do and now he may never walk again and you should probably watch this and learn why its not a good idea to jump off cliffs, especially when others are trying to make you. And if you see anyone about to you can stop them and say “that’s stupid” …” and lots of other things along those Lecturey Parenty type lines.

“So, then, why did he jump?”


“Well …. someone should just shoot him then.”

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