You should be used to it

Wander up to collect two oldest offspring from school and am delightedly surprised to discover Monkey Boy is in a mood that is quite the opposite of his endearing demeanour of Friday.

Yes, that very one that caused me, half a block from the school, to yell in his face “And I don’t like you either and

4 Replies to “You should be used to it”

  1. ROFL! That’s a good one! Mutant Zombie Buttocks! Should I call you MZB from now on? hehehehe…So I take it the goldfish came back to life? Mine was supposed to die AGES ago, floated upside down, BUT, it’s still alive and kicking!

  2. Kathy – only “just about” – surely that was quality writing right there?! LOL

    Norlin – yup, still going. Well, floating around on its side looking all limp and dead, but when you go to retrieve him he flaps a bit, still on its side. *sigh*

    Jo – I’m not going the “Uranus” conversation ever again! That broke my head 12 months ago.

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