You teach, and then you learn

My turn to take Monkey Boy to gymnastics this afternoon.

Monkey Boy is one of those “Why?” kids.

The expert advice that suggests it is a ploy for attention just does not apply with him. He will ask specific and intricate details as to Why something ….

Today was a discussion about waterproofing. Why do things need to be waterproof? How do you make things waterproof? How is plastic waterproof? But why? But why? But why? But, then, how can it be waterproof? Well, how did they make it waterproof? Well, then, how is it waterproof?

So I referred to the good old trusty raincoat. You really can’t go wrong with that!

Or so I thought …

“Well, like a raincoat. It’s plastic and keeps the water off you when it rains. And you stay dry”

“But why is a raincoat plastic?”

“Because its waterproof!”

“But how do they make raincoats out of plastic?”

(As an aside, when the fuck have they ever seen me doing anything remotely “making” anything – how the hell would I know how they do it!)

“Well, they just do, they get plastic and they cut it into raincoat shape and they stick it together and there’s your raincoat?”

“No, but how to they do it?”

Fortunately, Godzilla came to the rescue with an answer of his own. Something that even I didn’t know (and Mummies know everything). Something that stopped this line of questioning.

“No, is you make a raincoat like a birfday cake and eat it you wooll get a sore tummy ache.”

Right. Great. Thanks for that.

They say you learn something new every day.

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