You want to be careful of that

Boredom has set in and the kids were playing Silly Buggers on the couch while I caught up on some emails, then went to join Grumpy outside for breakky.

Within minutes (surprise!) the crying starts. It’s Godzilla, so we ignore it.

Out he comes, sob sob, and “he did bit me”

Uh huh, we simultanteously think. Monkey Boy is not, and has never been a biter. And, really, all he’d have to do is flash his teeth and Godzilla would be accusing him of ripping his arm off.

He holds out his arm – and sure enough, there are two rows of teethmarks!

I’m stunned. And disbelieving. And then very, very angry.

“Out here NOW!” I request politely.

Much to my amazement, Monkey Boy obliges immediately. I begin the “why did you do that” ranty type discussion, and am presented with “he bit me first”.

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