You won't be able to play with Daddy if this continues!

Squeezed my bum into a pair of jeans – my very favouritest jeans! Yay. Love ’em. Couldn’t come close to doing them up, but that’s ok, coz I’d relented and got myself some of those wrap things that just look like you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath your t-shirt. Very cool.

I love my jeans! Nice to be able to wear them all day.

Even to kinder drop off (which I managed to get out of this morning – yay!) and pick-up, where I remembered the bags, but could quite happily have left the kids there.

Monkey Boy delivered home, and we took the drive out to

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  1. This just helps to prove it. I honestly don’t know why, but boobs make men laugh.

    I’m going to have to spend some time reading around through your posts.

  2. Heh heh, this theme is one you can … milk … for ever.

    Bad pun i know, but it was worth it!

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