Yup – oh so special

Arrived home last night from my few days away.

Of course, I had planned the days away when GrumpyPants had a scheduled week off work. I had left it till this week. I had wanted to go sometime last month, but noooooooo. Too hard. So I asked 37 billion times, worked out this week was free, booked it some 4-5 weeks ago, and then he said “yes” to some shifts.

Given I trust him so immensely, I let him deal with the childcare issues. That was a real, genuine “trust him” comment, too, not sarcastic or anything. Really. I do trust him. He is, afterall, his children’s father. He can do it.

We did have a minor hiccup when he organised with the childcare centre for Chippie to attend an extra day; and relied on this becoming available. This, of course, would entail relying on a child to fall sick, then said child’s parent/s keeping them home from childcare on that day. Not a risk you wanna rely on. He did organise an elderly-ish relative to spend seven and a half hours with a toddler with a propensity for severe tantrums.

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