Zip It, Tweenies!

Remember the good old friendship bracelet?

The one made of thread that you either creatively weaved yourself, or, if you were as creative as me, you just bought from somewhere who had machines that made them … or wished and hoped every night that you had a friend that was way more creative than you and would whip one up and deliver it to you in the school yard, declaring unending friendship?

Before BFFs and the like?

I don’t think I ever had one of those (I had friends who were just like me :)) but we did indulge in a little bit of the Madonna-of-the-mid-eighties-esque black and/or coloured rubber bracelets. I didn’t even like Madonna back then, but those bracelets were pretty cool.

Although the eighties, along with the horrific Madonna-look have recently made a comeback, there is a new thingy out that our tweeny kids can partake in and we can regale them with stories of our childhood and how cool we were, with our rubber bangles and friendship bracelets that got manky after playing several rounds of inter-school netball.

Zip Bandz!

From Moose Toys.

They’re not technically ‘friendship’ type bracelets, but can certainly be given in such a manner. They are also communication tools that tell the world something about you and who you are.

Which means, you (*ahem*

4 Replies to “Zip It, Tweenies!”

  1. well, i think i need them all!
    Peace (blue) – When i want the kids to give me some PEACE!
    Sporty (green) – for when im ready to RUN away from home or kids!
    Strength (navy) – god give me STRENGTH these kids are shitting me to tears today!
    Chill (purple) – when i need to ignore the kids & just CHILL out & have ME time
    Passion (blue/pink) – When i want hubby to get the hint & take me to bed! 😉
    Happy(green/pink) – when on the odd occassion kids are behaving! at the same time
    Awesome (light blue) – Thats ME!
    Creative (yellow), – When im in my office printing CREATIVE stuff!
    Rebel (black) – When the kids or hubby piss me off & they now need to steer clear of me before i lose it!

    & there definately needs to be a rainbow one for when Life is just Good ! 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  2. See, we’re missing red – if you want to make a statement at a business meeting, you wear your “power suit” teamed with a red top – don’t mess with my power and strength.
    Team it with light blue awesomeness for an incredible combination. Add your Super Mum cape and you can TAKE OVER THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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