Mayhem Managers Basic Pack

Real Mums Basic Pack of Mayhem Managers is for those who have been hit with the realisation that Life has gone to mayhem, or whom already have some systems in place and need a little backup and additional support and tools.



Including a section on tips and tricks for getting the best out of your Mayhem Managers, they go a long way to aiding you in controlling the mayhem that is Family Life (and having a Life and a Family, not necessarily in that order).


The set includes:

  • Weekly Family Chaos Manager
  • Monthly Mayhem Managers – dated
  • Yearly Mayhem Manager
  • Monthly Meals Manager & Stuff We Need Shopping List
  • Stuff We Need Shopping Lists
  • Stuff And Things To Do Lists


All of which enables you to keep track of who is where, what day, when, why and what needs to be organised for it, what they need to remember to take, and where you left your car keys.

Except that last bit, but I’d check in the freezer first.

Easily displayed via the use of clear contact or a laminator

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