Random Acts of Kindness

One of the most amazing – and FUN – things to have come out of Real Mums over the years it has been running is the act of Random Acts of Kindness – so called because they are randomly performed, unexpected and really lovely.

(Also sometimes very funny, and other times more than a little bit rude, ‘inappropriate’ or totally appropriate, depending on how you look at it, tear-jerking, inspiring, motivational or just damned hilarious!)

On one of my many walks around the local river, and upon witnessing all manner of Mum struggling at some level with children, tears or swings and fearing any comment, regardless of intent, would be perceived as advice or judgement, I thought of a really brilliant way to spread smiles, hugs and reassurance … a RAK Pack (or Random Act of Kindness Pack)



If you’d like to join in this remarkable rebellion, designed to instil a sense of fun, smiles, reassurance and sisterhood amongst other mums, purchase your RAK Pack below.

There are 12 mini-cards/non-wanky words of encouragement, support and empathy in each pack, with 3 different designs courtesy of the incredible talent of Kim Gourlay Photography

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