RAK Pack

You know when you’re just having a bad day; toddler having tantrum up the street, you’ve had bugger all sleep and barely holding it together as the baby continues to cry, the pre-schooler is being obstructive or contrary and you just want to scream, run away, or down a distillery of vodka (or all of the above) and all you want is just a kind word, a reassuring smile or hug from someone?

Not advice.

Not reassurance that others have it worse.

Not “back in my day” or being told what to do.

Just a simple smile.

A gentle hug.

Reassurance that you’re not alone.


How often have you been in an okay spot, and seen another Mum who is feeling and experiencing that horrible moment?

How much have you wanted to touch her arm, smile and say “it’s okay”?

Have you ever wanted to just wrap your arms around her, and let her know it will all be okay?

Although I have been known to walk up to total strangers having a hard time and actually giving them a hug in the middle of the street, apparently, and although each of these hugs has been widely accepted with a smile and a hug back, walking up and hugging total strangers is a bit frowned upon and considered ‘weird’.

Real Mums Random Act of Kindness Cards allow you the opportunity to provide this smile, hug and/or reassuring word, without verbal communication, physical contact or awkwardness.


The size of a business card, they are easy to keep on your person, in your handbag, in your phone cover or in your pocket, ready to bestow a loveliness upon another, giving them a smile when they need it most.

You never know, that act of kindness could be the difference between them carrying and ending it all.


Complete with twenty cards, featuring 5 different images and words of encouragement and reassurance you have the opportunity to put a smile – and possibly save the lives – of twenty other mums.

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How cool is that?


Not only is it evident that you are making the life of someone else that much better, even for the briefest of moments, there is significant evidence to show that it could increase the brilliance of your own life!


Bestowing a smile and good will on another does wonderful stuff inside your body, causing you to feel happier and improving your overall health and wellbeing.

You’re not just changing the life of another, you’re improving your life too.

There’s a Win-Win right there!

Besides all of that, you will be contributing to the changing of our society; that one that seems to condemn and judge other mothers, that induces and increases the feelings of guilt, inadequacy and feelings of isolation.

Be a part of this remarkable change, unite the Sisterhood of Motherhood and just put a smile on another’s face.

Go on, we dare you!




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