Real Mums 5 Minute MUG Cake Recipes

Carefully perfected over months, derived from the ever popular Mug cake recipe that has done several rounds of the internet, hours and hours of experimentation and the stuffing of faces with a variety of cake-like products that took a mere five minutes, a MUG and a stock-standard dessert spoon to create, we are proud to share with you Real Mums 5 Minute MUG Cake Recipe eBook.



These are not bland, dry cakes with a handful of choc chips melded to the bottom of a boring old coffee mug.

Indeed, no!

Consisting of a simple, base recipe the recipes only improve from there until you are met with an ooey, gooey, luscious, rich, chocolatey-cakey goodness. They only get better.


Commencing with eight (8) chocolate based cake recipes, you’ll be in all kinds of chocolatey heaven!

  • Chocolate MUG Cake
  • Mocha MUG Cake
  • Chocolate Orange MUG Cake
  • Berry Nice Chocolate MUG Cake
  • Chocolate Fruity Nutter MUG Cake
  • Chocolate Mud MUG Cake
  • Muddy Chocolate Mud MUG Cake
  • Chocolate Self-Saucing MUG Cake


This scrumptiousness is followed up by an additional four (4) recipes, all chocolate free to give you some variety in your evening cakey needs.

  • Coffee MUG Cake
  • Berry Nice Choc-Free MUG Cake
  • White Choc and Berry MUG Cake
  • White Choc and Macadamia MUG Cake


If you thought that was fabulous enough, you’d be sadly mistaken (and should probably go make yourself a MUG cake to help deal with the feelings of being sadly mistaken; just staying).

The list of recipes just keeps on going … no, no steak knives, sorry, but there are three recipes for equally quick and easy sauces in which to smother or stuff your cake prior to eating, including a Chocolate Sauce, a Coffee Cream and a Mocca Cream.

(Of course, you could also just go with ice-cream, pouring cream, or pure cream …)

What more could you ask for?



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