Real Mums Letters from Santa

The festive season, what with been all terribly timed and coinciding with other fun times, such as the end of school, a plethora of birthdays, and various Santas wandering around and handing out sugary fare, is a bit of a stressful time for everyone.

Mums are frazzled, kids are tired, father’s are oblivious … you know how it is.

Sometimes – and especially at this time of year – kids can be right little shits!

I know, right? Who’d’ve thunk it!

And, sometimes, you just need a little bit of backup to help them to understand that their behaviour is intolerable and that, basically, if you continue, you will lose your mind and do something that will more than likely have you feeling guilty.

Which is where the festive season, despite all its stress-inducing-ness, can come in handy. Santa, in particular, is a godsend!

Letters from Santa are the sort of thing that can lighten up any child’s day, bring a smile to their face and maybe, just maybe, get them to behave.

Real Mums Letters from Santa, however, are guaranteed to get you the kids you

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