Real Mums Mini Guide to School Lunches

No more stressing about school lunches!

You know you want to send your kids off to school with satisfying, healthy, nutritious school lunches, but you also don’t want the stress of having to spend hours baking and making art and creating and all the rest of it.

So you fall back onto packaged foods, which just makes you feel guilty and inadequate.

You’re swarmed with tips and ideas that all take you back to that stressed, confusing, time consuming place of creating and baking and art and you find yourself back in the spot of grabbing packets and tossing them in the lunchbox?

Am I right?


I’ve had it with the bullshit that’s out there, with the confusion bombarding us and the mums who are finding themselves stressed to near insanity.

There is NO need to bake and create and be all arty and spend hours every weekend, menu planning for the following week, only to have to do it again the week after.

There is NO need to toss packets into the lunchbox and devoid your kids of nutritious fare at school, even if packets are easy and very, very yummy!

There IS a way to have your kids eating well, playing well and prevent them from being grumpy, snarly, annoying, obnoxious and not concentrating at school, and to provide them with a school lunch that is high in all the stuff they need to function, grow and develop well, and that is low in all the stuff they don’t need. You know that stuff that makes them tired, grumpy and obnoxious?


BEST of all, none of it is time consuming, stressful, nor does it requiring baking all weekend or a degree in fine arts to put it all together.

It is Real Mums Mini Guide to School Lunches, which takes very seriously into consideration the fact that you have a very busy life and things you’d much rather be doing than hours on food preparation and hours in the school principals office due to your kids’ behaviour.


Not only does the Guide provide you with sound nutrition information, it also gives you a range of quick, easy, affordable and stress free school lunch box inclusion ideas. There are no packets or wrappings, and there are loads of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibre.

The ideas included meet the guidelines of many schools, including no nuts, no packets, no chips, no chocolate, no junk foods and no wrappings.

It IS doable (I’ve been doing it every single school day for the last ten

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